I design and create jewelry, scarves and bags. My signature products are my rather luscious necklaces. I use only the finest of materials! They are carefully selected for my creations. My line of bags are 100% guilt-free: crafted from sustainably made cotton and linen blend textiles, with vegetal dyes.

I left aviation to embrace my dream of running my own fashion empire, changing the industry with my own style of unique and ethical creations. I'm inspired by my travels in Paris and major cities, & powerful female figures (esp. the dangerous ones!).

I'm very fortunate: I live in a beautiful, vibrant city, I travel the world, I have many interesting people in my life, but also 2 exceptional ones.

They are my inspiration and my source of energy when things reach a dead end. Without them, the company would probably not exist. They give me that extra nudge when I feel uninspired. Their spirit and character helped me name our company: they are my two daughters. One wild rose - fragile, graceful, artistic, sensitive, poised, cool and collected- and one sparrow- energetic, athletic, tranchante, flamboyant, chatty (sometimes noisy), strong, winged, soaring.

Wild Rose & Sparrow

Accessories, from gorgeous jewelry, whimsical masks and chic fascinators to elegant scarves and ethically friendly totes, made by me in the heart of the stylish Montreal! Wild Rose & Sparrow is my fashion house based in Montreal with a young, romantic style made contemporary by its urban vibe.